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About us

In our days, when gamefishing became a popular form of recreation and waters are casted day by day, fish can learn and even make difference between real minnows and lures. As fishing became a more and more popular pastime, fish noticeably became more accustomed to various luring techniques and nowadays some can easily distinguish between real minnows and lures.  

In the year: 2007 Tamás Blázy a hungarian sport fisherman decided to design his own lures to catch the most watchfull old monsters beside the worst conditions and produce bites even when other lures already gave up. 


In 2007, being disappointed by lures currently available on the market, Tamás Blázy, a professional Hungarian angler decided to design his own lures to fool even the most seasoned beasts in the waters. 

During the years with a couple of fanatic homies Tamás tested and developed the lures in many fishing situations for many type of gamefish to get the final shape, ballance and this incredible swimming action, that no predator can resist. For a long Blazy Tackle crafts were secret weapon for an inner circle of anglers, but now You can hold in your hands a new key for success in angler sport. 

 Tamás and two of his equally fanatic friends: Tamás and András Nagy spent the past few years improving and testing their homemade lures in various situations and fishing conditions to develop the perfect shape, balance and an incredible swimming action that no predator can resist. Once developed, hand-crafted Blázy tackles were the secret weapon for an inner circle of sport-anglers, and now due to its success we decided that the time is right to offer our products to a broader audience. In other words, you can grab yourself the key to succeed in either recreational or competitive angling: a hand-crafted Blázy Tackle.

 Using only premium materials, these high-quality custom made lures are incredibly durab. Each and every lure is made of premium grade balsa wood, coated with an ultra-tough plastic foam for the most realistic life-like action in water. Our tackles are wired throughout to be able to bear heavy weights and are complete with VMC stainless treble hooks and extra strong Predatek stainless rings.

And it is just the beginning. Testing and developing are permanently going on with the aim to provide the widest range of lures that is possible for most anglers all over the world with many different gamefish species in the objective. The new story has begin.

Come with us to catch Your dream!